Medicine Wheel Transformational Program


Are you Ready To… 

  • Heal repeating patterns and stories that keep you feeling stuck
  • Experience a more expansive, fulfilled and happier life
  • Address trauma and painful life transitions
  • Create deeper meaning in your life
  • Heal your physical body

Navigate your life brilliantly and live into your magnificence with this four course curriculum.

Steeped in the ancient traditions and practices of the Incan Medicine Wheel, we will map the four directions, South, West, North and East

Join me for a transformative journey around the Medicine Wheel

Liberate yourself and embark on the Journey of All Possibilities.

Kirsten Henry Fox

"I was skeptical about whether Dannielle’s Medicine Wheel program would work for me because I’m not really a “woo woo, hocus pocus” kind of person. What I learned changed my life forever. Dannielle presented her information in such a way that she got past my skepticism, taught me lessons in energy and spirit, and gave me practical ways to use my new spiritual tools in everyday life."


Stand in your power with all your tools ready to engage the whole of your life

Over the course of this training, we will meet four times a year. Each weekend will consist of hands on experience, ceremony, and the cultivation of skills and practices.

The South Direction - HONESTY - SHED THE PAST

  • Recognize your identification to the story that no longer serves you
  • Discover how your story has begun to live you
  • Tell that old wounded story for the last time
  • Shed the story that has become restrictive and limiting


  • Identify the illusions of safety and security you see as reality.
  • Release the belief systems you have bought into that aren’t even yours
  • Move beyond the fear that keeps you stuck in old patterns
  • Learn what unconscious aspects of yourself are actually making your decisions
  • Liberate yourself from the family story that is not in alignment with who you really are


  • Embark on the journey of all possibilities
  • Come back to the essence of who you are
  • Learn to trust in the unfolding of the Mystery
  • Step out of the cultural, societal, and family roles that say who you should be

The East Direction - State of Grace - TRANSCENDENCE

  • Transcend old patterns
  • Become the Co-Creator you are
  • Recognize that you are creating your life every minute of every day
  • Stand in your power with all your tools and maps ready to engage your life



  • how to build and use your healing mesa – your personal medicine bundle
  • the art of creating ceremony in everyday life
  • how to integrate the ancient practices of Shamanism into modern life
  • how to develop a deep trust in your own innate guidance and wisdom- intuition!
  • how to live your life with a shamanic twist

2021 Dates

The South February 25-28

The West June 3-6

The North August 26-29

The East November 11-14

Location: Heber City, Utah

Single Direction: $687
Full Payment: $2500
Repeat Direction: $250
Repeat full Medicine Wheel: $1000


To pay per direction or repeat the Medicine Wheel contact Dannielle below.

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Medicine Wheel Integration

This continuing educations series is designed for full Mesa Carriers who have completed the Medicine Wheel journey.

The inspiration for creating an integration program has come to me after my third year of teaching and realizing that there is a need and desire for a continuation with the work, but not always a need, desire, or ability to retake the classes.

This program will be offered as a monthly subscription for $20 a month.  Dates will be set ahead of time (knowing things may shift occasionally) so you can plan on it in your calendar. You will receive a zoom invitation and link one week before our meeting, and a reminder 2 days before. 

All recorded zoom calls will be uploaded to the resource page and you will have access to it anytime, along with all other resources pertaining to Medicine Wheel and integrating all that you have learned

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Interested in a Professional Training Track???


Become a Practitioner!


What is Practitioner Training? 

This is a 320 hour hands on training program that builds on the foundation of the Full Medicine Wheel program where you will learn the principles, skills, and practices to work with clients to facilitate and assist them in their healing journey. 

The skills learned in this course will allow you apply all the foundational work from the Medicine Wheel with clients.  You will learn how to work one on one and create your own healing practice, or you can incorporate these skills into any current practice you have; massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, psychology, counseling, life coach, esthetician, physical therapy, etc.

Your Journey

You will develop a deep trust in your intuition and learn how to cleanly and clearly track an issue to it’s core root. Learning to see, feel, and sense the bind of any pattern, issue, or trauma, you will effectively be able to shift and heal the density, assisting your client in coming into greater and greater harmony and healing. 

You will learn how to journey on behalf of another and effectively bring healing to the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious realms. There are many modalities within this work such as soul retrieval, past life healing, entity or intrusive energy extractions, cord cutting, and destiny tracking. Working with the 4 body system, physical, mental/emotional, spirit/soul, and vast energetic matrix, you will learn how to bring balance to each of the 4 body systems creating deep alignment and profound shifts with your clients.

This healing modality is steeped in the practices and principles of the Andean Shamanic path of South America. Following the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, South, West, North, East, you will learn and integrate the skills and practices of each direction over the course of one year.  We will meet quarterly in person for the classroom portion, with one direction (class) building upon the next.

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  • Complete all four classes - South, West, North, and East (7 days each)
  • Do a minimum of 12 practice sessions outside of class per direction (a total of 24 practice sessions)
  • Turn in 3 written case studies per direction (a total of 12 for the year)
  • Attend or watch recorded group mentor video conference (one per direction in between class meetings)
  • One mentor phone call with teaching staff to review your case studies in between each direction


Practitioner Training Dates for 2021
(Medicine Wheel is a pre-requisite for Practitioner Training and included in the dates below)

South -Class One – Feb 25 -March 3

West - Class Two– June 3-9

North - Class Three – Aug 26 – Sept 1

East - Class Four – Nov 11-17

(Includes Medicine Wheel Portion)

$6,750 total ($1687.50 per class)

Pay for all four classes up front $6500

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Wondering if this is for you – call or text Dannielle to set up a free consultation
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