Meet Dannielle


“I believe we can all live the life we desire. – this is True. But the real question is: “am I willing?”


The Shamanic path connected all the dots for me.

It taught me know how to effectively work with my natural intuitive gifts and my desire to assist people in the wellbeing of their life. This path is my study, my spiritual practice, and my profession.


It was the saving grace when I went through my own dark night of the soul.

I went through my own very painful and scary time. Over the course of 5 years I went through a sad divorce ( my son was 6), I resigned/got fired from the career I thought was my end all, be all and lost my spiritual community.

I started a business that never got off the ground, spent all my money – literally down to my last $450 – and had no job. Needless to say my friends were having full meltdowns on my behalf. I had to surrender to the whole fat mess..

It wasn’t pretty, but all the while I had my spiritual healing practice, the ability to trust and keep moving forward, and amazing friends and family who hung in there, processed with me and listened as I worked through it.

I never lost sight of my choice in all of it.

The lessons, insights, wisdom, and medicine I have cultivated is what I lovingly and happily share with my clients and students. Teaching people how to bring the spiritual and energetic realm into relatable, tangible practices is one of my favorite ways to spend my day.

I love this experience of life and the wonders of our beautiful world.

“I suppose I was destined to be a shaman because it picked me.”

I never planned on studying shamanism, but as the Universe would have it, I found myself sitting in class one day due to a cancellation of a previously scheduled event. I said yes to the offer as I already had the time off from work and thought “That sounds interesting”. And there I landed in my first practitioner training class. I knew this was it!!

Shamans are map makers.

It’s what we do. We track for what is possible. We lay the course, traversing the challenges with courage and grace, developing our intuitive skills that allow us to navigate our lives with confidence and joy. I guide you in charting your map to create a more expanded, harmonious and connected life.

I love what I do.

It is a privilege to witness one’s soul level! It is the most sacred place in those I have worked with and taught. The willingness to share this most precious aspect of self is one of the most courageous acts of vulnerability we can do.

“I am moved by the profound shifts in every session and every class.“

I have been on both sides of this equation as a student and a teacher, client and practitioner, and it continues to expand me, shape me, blow my mind, move me to tears, and bring more beauty and bliss into my life.

This is how I navigate my life and this is what I share with others.

“Through all of our seeming failures and challenging times we cultivate something worthwhile.”   

~Dannielle Bryan


Dannielle is a skilled teacher and Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine. She has integrated the principles of Shamanism into her life as a study, a spiritual practice, and a lived experience for over 20 years.

Her training has taken her from a formal classroom setting to the sacred sites and jungles of Peru. She had the opportunity to work and train with The Four Winds Society, a global leader in shamanic energy medicine, for many years as the Associate Dean of the Healing the Light Body School. Dannielle has witnessed the amazing changes and healing this work has brought to literally 1,000’s of lives.

Her calling to be a shaman has been a much deeper experience than she ever expected — which has led Dannielle to fully integrate this path into all parts of her life. Her work as a teacher and practitioner, her personal practice, and how she engages life are all in alignment, creating a fulfilled, rich life experience.

Dannielle is passionate about assisting people at all levels of their soul’s journey, whether they are just beginning their self-discovery or they are looking for a deeper study and understanding.

Dannielle can be found in the early hours of any day enjoying a good cup of coffee and getting out in nature. Travelling is one of her most favorite things to do. She thrives on a good adventure and LOVES to laugh…laugh…laugh. When things get tense, there is nothing like her own private dance party to shake things out!

Dannielle adores spending time with her son, Zach, and creating a beautifully fun and fulfilling life with her partner.


  • Reiki Practitioner 1997
  • Starfire Massage and School of Healing Arts 1999-2000
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine with The Four Winds Society 2005-2009
  • Academic Advisor for the Healing the Light Body School – The Four Winds Society 2008-2010
  • Associate Dean for the Healing the Light Body School — The Four Winds Society 2010-2013